Club Professionals

JON WARING - Head Club Professional

Jon is our PGA Head Professional and has over 30 years experience in golf. With extensive work alongside David Leadbetter in the 80s and more recently with Mac O'Grady, Jon is an extremely proficient teaching professional for all ages and abilities. 

He is also an avid student of contemporary swing techniques, Class AA PGA Professional and Level III Coach.

MARK AMEY - PGA Coaching Professional

PGA Pro Mark Amey has over 25 years’ experience in the golfing industry and is a dedicated, motivated, and highly certified PGA coaching professional. 

Specialising in golf athleticism and fitness; swing mechanics and the body/swing connection; and in utilising technology to deliver highly personalised, goal-orientated training along with remote coaching.

Mark is also very passionate about developing grassroots golf and enabling golfers of all abilities to achieve their absolute potential.

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